TSG Automation, LLC - Portfolio

  TSG Automation, LLC Portfolio
  Since 1990, employees of TSG Automation, LLC have provided products and services for the projects listed on this page. Please contact us for additional information.
  Atlanta College of Arts Design and Install DDC controls for the boiler and central plant and 114 room sensors in the 6-story dorm using Honeywell LCBS.
  Atlanta Public Schools Provide follow-up service on nine existing public schools with Barber-Colman Network 8000. Time & material service work being performed on an as-needed basis by TSG Automation, LLC.
  Walton County Department of Natural Resources  
  CNN Atlanta World Headquarters Replace the DDC controls in the CNN Atlanta World Headquarters and the Omni Hotel over a five-year schedule with a Barber-Colman Network 8000 digital control system with Signal Graphical User Interface.
  Olympic Stadium/Turner Field Install the building automation system in the original Olympic Stadium, then convert it during the Turner Field construction. BAS installed is a Barber-Colman Network 8000 with Signal Graphical User Interface.
  Calloway Gardens  
  Georgia Aquarium  
  Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport  
  Turner Production Studios Install a Barber-Colman Network 8000 with Signal Graphical User Interface in the new movie production studios of Turner Entertainment.
  University of Georgia Install a BAS in the Animal Science research laboratory with a SiebeNetwork 8000 System and Host Software compliant with the campus LAN. Systemincluded the installation of controls for 38 research labs. Some of these labswere BSL 2.0+ rated and certified.

Install a BAS using the Barber-Colman Network 8000 System with Host Software interfacing with the campus LAN in the Poultry Diagnostic Research facility.
  US Postal Facilities 32 office facilities completed to date. Provide follow-up service on the first 16 facilities that are out of warranty and warranty work on the present 16 facilities that are in warranty. Original scope included installation of Distech building automation with open LON based products to control facility time of usage for Group I & II.,Group III is pending approval for an additional 20 facilities in the north Georgia area